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Signs of Change!

Updated: May 15, 2018

Did you notice our sign?

It's official! We started the process of re-branding with the logo update and web redesign in 2015. Our road side sign was the last thing to change over. In late December we retired the old Sneed's sign and rang in the new year with a fresh start...hope you like it!

I can not talk about our new sign without mentioning our marquee. For a year now, Sally has been turning heads and making customers laugh with the witty phrases she comes up with. Has she put a smile on your face during your commute? 

What's New??

The pottery is here! We are steadily unpacking and revealing new patterns, colors, and shapes.  Stop by and take a look at all of the ways we have to keep your plants contained!

Sea of Green and Gold!

Our West Coast shipment arrived last week loaded with fun evergreens and Japanese maples. Plant addicts won't be able to walk away without one!

Bulbs are popping up!

The crocus are blooming and the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are starting to break ground. New gardeners inevitably fret over emerging bulbs when the temperatures drop below freezing again. Don't worry!! They will be do not need to cover!

February Garden Check List

Liriope and ornamental grasses...cut back now! Do not wait...You want to cut them back to the ground before new growth emerges.  You will be rewarded with healthy, happy, & fresh foliage. 

Hellebores and Autumn Ferns...two of my favorite drought tolerant, deer resistant, shade loving perennials! This is when that lovely evergreen foliage really looks its worst.  Take the time to carefully clip back all burnt, broken, & tattered foliage. Watch out for new foliage and buds emerging.

Finish up garden planning.  What seeds do you want to get started and when do you need to have them sown by? We've got a good selection of seeds in the shop right now with even more arriving next week.

Take this time to prune out dead, damaged, or crossing branches from dormant trees and shrubs.  Hold off on your roses, though.  Rule of thumb: wait to prune roses until you see the forsythia blooming.

Check the perennial beds for any plants that may have heaved out of the ground over the winter.  You will find this is more common with perennials planted in the fall.

Clean up fall pansies with a few snips to the old foliage...New, healthy growth should be shining through at the base of the plant. Cut back the spent stalks of annual dianthus.  The foliage looks great right now and will look better without those stalks.

Come by and say hi! We are open 10-4 through the remainder of February (closed Sundays) and will resume normal hours on March 5th: 9-6 Mon-Fri and noon-5 on Sundays. 

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