Sneed's Anjou & Bartlett pear tree bundle were chosen to offer the most favored baking (and fresh eating!) disease resistant, pear selection.  Fruit trees require multiple trees planted nearby for best pollinating and fruit production.


Anjou Pears – juicy fall/winter pear, originally from Belgium but named for a region in France; the Beurre D'Anjou takes its name from the French word for butter because of its rich flavor. In fact, this pear is the perfect variety for storage because its flavor develops over time. Easy to grow! The D'Anjou Pear is cold hardy and drought tolerant, so it's perfect for planting anywhere. Missed waterings, frigid temperatures, and hot, dry climates are no match for the D'Anjou - it keeps on thriving through it all. It's called the 'year-round pear' because it lasts for months after harvesting, providing you with the most delicious baking ingredient holding up well even after cooking, grilling or roasting.  It is the ideal on-the-go snack or the perfect gift for friends and neighbors. 


Bartlett Pears -- is the #1 pear worldwide! First introduced in 1797, this multi-purpose pear is a long-standing favorite of orchard growers and fruit gardeners alike. Starts bearing at a young age and is very productive.are medium in size and lime green-yellowish with a hint of rose in color. Bartlett exudes a traditional pear flavor. Their skin color brightens as it ripens, and they have a typical pear shape. These pears are sweet and juicy with a subtle, fragrant aroma.  Slice Bartlett Pears to add to salads, slaw and turkey sandwiches or grilled cheese sandwiches. Wrap pears in prosciutto for an elegant appetizer, dip into yogurt or serve with peanut butter for a scrumptious snack.  Bartlett Pears can also be canned and baked.


This bundle includes everything you will need to care for the health and vigor of your fruit tree over the first year as it establishes it's root system.


PEARA7 1 #7 Anjou pear tree

PEAR B7 1 #7 Bartlett pear tree


CMLC           1 Coast of Maine Quoddy Lobster compost

CMSF           1 Coast of Maine Stonington Blend fertilizer

BSOHE        1 Horticulture Oil, hose ready

BCFHE         1 Copper Fungicide, hose ready

CJHE            1 Captain Jack's Dead Bug, hose ready

Anjou & Bartlett pear tree bundle

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