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Malibu Compost Bu’s Brew Compost Tea for Plants, Trees and Shrubs  


Compost tea is the most important amendment to use in organic gardening. Malibu Compost Bu's Brew Compost Tea for Plants, Trees and Shrubs helps these plants thrive by naturally giving them the nutrients they need to grow. Our compost tea supports the microbes in your garden to create healthy soil and healthy plants.


Bu's Brew Compost Tea is simple and easy to use. It doesn't have any chemicals, cheap fillers, salts, synthetics, or GMO feedstocks in it. And, best of all, it doesn't smell. It's made from our clean, one hundred percent farm-made organic and biodynamic compost - Bu's Blend.


Enjoy the many benefits of using Malibu Compost's Bu's Brew Compost Tea in your garden today. Your plants will love it! Your soil will love it! And, most of all... you will love it!



Compost (organic dairy cow manure, vineyard chips), dandelion, chamomile, stinging nettle, yarrow, oak bark, valerian.


Bu's Brew Biodynamic Compost Tea Bags