Disease resistant climber that reblooms throughout summer

This newcomer will leave you on the edge of your seat! Like any master performer, Highwire Flyer™ knows exactly how to charm its audience and its dramatic deep pink blooms ensure that all eyes will be on it for the entire summer season. Relatively petite, this climber grows about 6 feet tall and wide as it gracefully scales trellises and arbors adding vertical interest to the landscape in the process. Its blooms are abundant, vibrant and stand out even more against its dark green foliage. A big part of this cultivar's charms is its resilience at is stands up to leaf spot, rust and mildew like a champion. Make sure Highwire Flyer™ gets plenty of sunshine, good soil (though it tolerates a range of soils) and it will reward you with a stellar performance for years to come.

Highwire Flyer climbing rose

  • Quantities are limited, make sure you get first pick!