Climbing Rose That's Set the Standard for 85 Years!


A classic for 80+ years, this sweet pink Rose will take you away to a land of magnificent castles and fairy princesses where everyone lives happily ever after! This is the Rose that commemorates special beginnings -- in delivery rooms, at weddings and baby showers!


'New Dawn' exudes the optimism of a joyous beginning. Its large, pearly pink flowers, which regenerate through spring and summer up until the first frost, symbolize renewal. The sweet scent provides the perfect fresh complement.


The double blooms develop from soft pink, full-pointed buds that fade to blush-cream as they open into spectacular 3-inch flowers that bright yellow stamens. The free-flowering climber, which can soar up to 20 feet with width of as much as 10 feet, reblooms prolifically throughout the season with its dark green foliage maintaining a soft, but defining backdrop.

Climbing Rose...New Dawn

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