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Alfalfa Meal (2-0-2) with 1% calcium – Organic Plant Food Product


Description and Detailed Information:

  • Fast and effective soil conditioner Plant based fertilizer is more easily broken down into soil
  • Adds easily organic material to soil
  • Promotes big beautiful blooms


Alfalfa is a perennial flowering legume in the pea family and an important forage crop. When dehydrated and ground it becomes an exceptional organic fertilizer. Coast of Maine’s Alfalfa Meal Organic Plant Food helps increase organic matter to the soil and is a fast and effective soil conditioner. Because it is plant based, it is easily broken down by the microbial population in the soil, which in turn provides immediate nutrition to the plant roots. It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and contains a growth stimulant (triacontanol) that helps flowering plants bloom faster and longer during the season. Orchid growers make an alfalfa tea and spray it directly on as a foliar fertilizer. Roses and dahlias LOVE alfalfa meal and will produce more flowering canes and stalks. Also known for its “nitrogen fixing” ability, (alfalfa meal takes the nitrogen from the air and holds it as nodules on its roots) it also works great as a compost pile bio-activator. Available in 3.5lb bags.

Coast of Maine Alfalfa Meal

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