Sneed's Comice & Seckel pear tree bundle were chosen to offer the best fresh-eating and disease resistant, pear tree selection for your home garden. Fruit trees require multiple trees planted nearby for best cross-pollinating and fruit production.


Comice Pears -- Originally cultivated in France as “Doyenne du Comice” pears, Comice pear fruit are known as the sweetest pear variety; delicious, with a rich, sweet, mellow flavor and a creamy texture. They are succulent and juicy, a true pleasure to eat. Regular irrigation during the growing season is an important part of Comice pear tree care. Although the trees are fairly resistant to drought, you’ll want to water to get better tasting fruit. Growing Comice pear trees is fairly easy, and the trees don’t require much in the way of additional maintenance if appropriately planted. You’ll need some patience; you’ll have to wait  a few short years after planting for the tree to produce fruit. Comice Pears are green but display pink streaks as they ripen. The best way to check for ripening is to apply thumb pressure near the stem. Comice Pears have been called "the Christmas pear" and are divine to serve raw or paired with cheese and wine. Comice Pears are delicate and should be cooked in a gentle manner, such as poaching.


Seckel Pears -- "Seckel Sugar pears are sugary sweet!  The vast majority of pear trees available in commerce are cultivars imported from Europe. But Pyrus ‘Seckel’ trees, started from a wild seedling in Pennsylvania! This type of pear, pronounced SEK-el, is a variety of fruit tree that grows tiny, bell-shaped pears that are very sweet. According to Seckel pear information, the harvest period starts in September and lasts until February. The pears can last up to five months in storage. Seckel sugar pears are considered dessert pears. They are small but chubby, with rounded, olive green bodies and short necks and stems. Those growing pear Seckel trees find the fruit to be snack size. You can tuck a few Seckel sugar pears into a lunchbox but you can also can them whole or use them in cooking.


This bundle includes everything you will need to care for the health and vigor of your fruit tree over the first year as it establishes it's root system.


PEARC7       1 #7 Comice pear tree

PEARSD7    1 #7 Seckel pear tree


CMLC           1 Coast of Maine Quoddy Lobster compost

CMSF           1 Coast of Maine Stonington Blend fertilizer

BSOHE        1 Horticulture Oil, hose ready

BCFHE         1 Copper Fungicide, hose ready

CJHE            1 Captain Jack's Dead Bug, hose ready

Comice & Seckel pear tree bundle

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