Sneed's Honeycrisp & Winesap apple tree bundle will provide you with the best baking, (and fresh eating!) disease resistant, apple tree selection. Fruit trees require multiple trees planted nearby for best cross-pollination and fruit production.


Honeycrisp --Congrats to the University of Minnesota for this delightful apple variety, another prize-winning introduction. Recent DNA testing indicates that the parentage includes Keepsake, Golden Delicious and heirloom Duchess of Oldenberg varieties.The Honeycrisp is known for its long hang time on the tree. That means your harvest is extended over a longer period than most apple varieties. The quality just continues to get better with each apple picked. The round yellow fruit produces a red blush as it ripens in September and they don't immediately drop upon ripening, so you can take your time picking them. Delicious Honeycrisp apples are yellow with a speckled reddish pink blush. The crisp white flesh is well-balanced between honey sweet and tart and has a wonderful floral aroma. Of course, as a fresh eating apple, it's hard to beat a Honeycrisp. Use them in salads, slaws, and dip them in melted caramel for a luscious fall treat. They'll hold up to pie baking, and you can freeze bags of sliced Honey crisps.


Winesap -- originated in New Jersey prior 1800, the Winesap apple has become beloved throughout the South. The Winesap apple tree gets its name from its spicy, wine-like flavor and aroma.  Winesap pples are top quality, multi-purpose fruit noted for the crisp, very juicy yellow flesh and its blend of sugar with high tartness. The Winesap has deep red fruit of medium size. A heavy producer that is adapted to a wide range of soils and climates. Displays strong resistance to cedar apple rust and fireblight.




This bundle includes everything you will need to care for the health and vigor of your fruit tree over the first year as it establishes it's root system.


APPLEHC7 1 #7 Honeycrisp apple tree

APPLEBR7  1 #7 Winesap apple tree


CMLC           1 Coast of Maine Quoddy Lobster compost

CMSF           1 Coast of Maine Stonington Blend fertilizer

BSOHE        1 Horticulture Oil, hose ready

BCFHE         1 Copper Fungicide, hose ready

CJHE            1 Captain Jack's Dead Bug, hose ready



Honeycrisp & Winesap apple tree bundle

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