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Reefertilizer Beginner’s Bundle

One of the newest offering at!
This bundle makes a great gift for someone interested in learning to grow their own weed. It includes the 3 Reefertilizer nutrients (Start,Grow, and Bloom) as well as copies of our Beginner’s Guide

Complete Nutrition For Cannabis Plants

Reefertilizer is the only three part cannabis grow system that includes the widest range of beneficial nutrients for your soil and your plants.
Other 3 part fertilizers kits don’t provide micronutrients (like calcium and magnesium) and neglect the beneficial microbes and bacteria living in your soil.

Don’t risk the plants you love with all purpose fertilizers. Grow better plants with Reefertilizer!

Reefertilizer Beginner's Bundle!

  • Grow Weed Easily

    Reefertilizer was designed to make home cultivation easier for beginners and simpler for advanced growers. Our 3 piece kit will provide cannabis plants with their nutritional needs from seed to flower for up to 8 plants.

    Grow Greener Weed

    Dry powder nutrients and fertilizers are lighter to ship and require less packaging. Reefertilizer’s trio replaces several bottles of liquid nutrients because of their concentration. Our products are vegan and contain fewer heavy metals than most other fertilizers on the market.

    Grow Better Weed

    Growing quality cannabis at home shouldn’t be such a large learning curve. Our three-part kit simplifies the growing process while giving you an improved yield with less work. A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Cultivation is free with each order.

  • How Long Does The Reefertilizer Grow Kit Last?

    Our trio of nutrients should be able to feed up to 8 plants from seed to flower. Grow and Bloom can mix over 1000L of nutrient solution. One bag of Start will provide 33 applications.

    Our dry powder nutrients can be stored in a cool dry place to be used year after year without losing potency.

    When compared to similar liquid nutrients grow kits, Reefertilizer is cheaper, has a longer shelf life, and includes nutrients for your soil which others don’t.

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