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Sweet Peet is a natural, unique, versatile, nutritious material that is 100% organic due to its make-up of virgin wood products, manure,and plant fibers. It differs from many mulches and soil amendments in that it contains no human waste, no construction material or junk wood, such as pallets, and no chemicals.


Sweet Peet’s ‘secret" is that unlike bark or wood mulch, it does not rob the soil of nitrogen but instead supplies nitrogen in a slow release form to your valuable plants. In addition, Sweet Peet fosters the multiplication of beneficial and necessary soil organisms such as mycorrhizae, rhizobacteria and earthworms, among others, and which in turn results in the increased production of glomalin which is the "glue" that holds soil particles together to give the garden or planting bed that desired tilth of "chocolate cake" which plants love.

Sweet Peet Organic Mulch...3 cubic feet