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Matthew Zaremski is a plant enthusiast and seasoned at home grower with several years of experience working and volunteering on organic vegetable farms.  He was taught how to grow "herb" by a California master grower as well as The River Bend Hemp Farm, a Virginia hemp producer from Grow Club D.C. He also happens to be the knowledgeable associate that can help you with all of your home growing questions and concerns


house calls 

Do you have questions you think would best be answered at home? Are you going out of town and need a plant sitter? Do you want an assessment of your current grow set up? Book a house call with us!



grow tent assembly & consult

So your kit has arrived, now what? Leave the assembly to an expert! Sneed's will assemble your new tent and accessories...everything you need to grow. We will also go over fire safety and answer any questions you may have.


Please have a surge protector available. We also recommend a smoke detector, fire extinguisher,  hygrometer, and dehumidifier.


$200/set up...links to kits below


grow coach

Growing autoflower or photoperiod plants for the first time? Want onsite coaching throughout the lifecycle of the plant? We offer a 3 visit package for autoflowers and a 4 visit package for photoperiods. Both packages include email access for additional advice/help.


Note: we recommend that you are growing 4 plants. We cannot guarantee that you won't end up with a male plant.

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